Viking MT 5097 C Mower

37.5″ Lawn Tractor with Briggs and Stratton engine

The T5 Series shows that comfort and performance are not just reserved for deluxe models. Enjoy the sprung loaded seat which is adjustable to all heights and master the controls which are close at hand: the forward/reverse drive lever at the steering wheel, the central cutting height adjustment, the blade clutch and the lever for effortless emptying of the grass catcher box. The MT 5097 C incorporates a Briggs and Stratton engine. In addition the single-pedal operation and direct steering provide a previously unattained level of comfort during driving, manoeuvring and mowing. The Grass Guide System on both sides of the mowing deck catches grass blades at the edge of the deck and guides them towards the cutting blades. The 2 blade system with angled blades provides a neat and clean cutting pattern over a width of 95cm. The mowing deck can be removed without tools.

£3,100.00 (incl. VAT)



Integrated hitch

Integrated tow-bar for easy attachment of accessories.

Central cutting height adjustment

The cutting height can be adjusted to one of 8 levels via a lever. The user can adjust the cutting height quickly and simply.

Electromagnetic blade engagement

The electromagnetic blade engagement activates the mowing deck blades at the touch of a button on the control panel.

Innovative forward and reverse gear

The arrangement and positioning of the pedals is the same as a car: drive pedal on the right, brake pedal on the left. The forward/reverse drive switch, developed by VIKING, is straightforward and easy to use – perfect for working quickly. Thanks to the simple reversal mechanism, the driving direction can be selected using the drive direction lever. Actuation of the hydrostatic gearbox is via the drive pedal and enables precise selection of the driving speed.

Comfortable seat adjustment

The comfortable seat adjustment allows anyone to adopt an optimum sitting position on the lawn tractor. The seat can also be folded forwards.

Robust frame construction

The welded frame construction is extremely sturdy. Its shape is the result of many years of expertise and intensive long-term load testing. The bumper protects the appliance and extends up to the footplate.

Single pedal hydrostatic drive system

Right pedal – drive, left pedal – stop. Comfortable single pedal-drive system with hydrostatic transmission.

Turf care wheels

Large wheels hardly leave any traces on the lawn.

Grass catcher box

The capacity of the grass catcher box is an impressive 250 litres on the T5 Series and 350 litres on the T6 Series. Emptying is performed without back strain from the seat by conveniently pressing a lever. Removal and installation of the grass catcher box has also been made extremely easy for users: a brilliant solution for superior comfort!

Grass Guide System

The ‘Grass Guide System’ operates on both sides. It guides the blades of grass inwards from the edge enabling a cut which is wider by a few centimetres.

Technical Data
Lawn area (up to) m² 6000
Lawn area m² up to 6000
Cutting width cm 95
Cutting width cm 95
Engine type B&S Series 4155 OHV
Nominal output at working speed kW/PS 9,3 kW/12,6 PS 2750 U/min
Cutting height mm 30-100
Cutting height mm 30-100
Grass catcher box capacity l 250 l
Grass catcher box capacity l 250
Weight kg 231
Weight kg 231
Gearbox Hydrostatic
Drive Infinitely variable
Front wheels inches 15 x 6.00-6
Front wheels inches 15 x 6,00-6
Rear wheels inches 18 x 8.50-8
Rear wheels inches 18 x 8,50-8
Vibration level, seat / steering wheel m/s² 0,98 / 2,60
Dimensions (L / W / H) cm1) 242 x 101 x 116
Turning radius cm 2) 75
Cruise control no
LCD display no
Blade clutch elektromagnetisch
Guaranteed sound power level dB(A) 100
Measured workplace LpA dB(A) 86

1) If only 2 measurements these are W / H

2) Radius for unmown terrains with a 360°-curve