SCH Towed Fertiliser Broadcaster
100 Litre Capacity

Product Reference: TBS100

The broadcaster spreader has wide profile wheels for superior grip to drive the all metal gearbox, which in turn drives the spreading disc.

The spreader may be used, when fitted with the guard (Ref: BSG) to spread dry salt, sand and grass seed.

The spread width (2-6 metres) is determined by the forward speed of your towing vehicle (max 10mph).

An adjuster lever is set to meter the correct amount of product to be broadcasted.

£1,113.60 (inc VAT)

Technical Data

TBS 100

  • Capacity 100 ltrs
  • Maximum Load 180kg
  • Spreading width 2-6m
  • Height 1030mm
  • Hopper Diameter 810mm
  • Weight 43kg
  • Overall width 810mm