SCH Large Capacity ATV Glavanised Tipping Trailer
with solid sides 500kg (2050mm x 870mm)

Product Reference: QDGT

The trailer is fitted with flotation wheels with ball bearings and a 50mm ball hitch. The hand handle has been removed to prevent fouling the rear of the ATV and the tow bar has been extended to enable easier reversing.

£842.40 (inc VAT)

Technical Data
  • Carrying capacity: 500kg (10cwt)
  • Depth of body: 660mm (26″)
  • Width of body: 860mm (34″)
  • Overall width: 955mm (38″)
  • Length of body: 1244mm (49″)
  • Tipping mechanism: Positive spring bolt action
  • Wheel size: Wide profile 20/10 x 8 pneumatic with bearings
  • Weight: 84kg