SCH ATV Glavanised Tipping Dump Trailer 500kg (2050mm x 870mm)

Product Reference: QDT

A metal bodied tipping trailer fitted with flotation wheels and 50mm ball hitch.  Based on the GDTT, the handle has been removed to prevent fouling the rear of the ATV and the tow bar has been extended to enable easier reversing. Optional 12″ extension sides may be fitted to the trailer.

£744.00 (inc VAT)

Technical Data
  • Carrying capacity: 500kg (10cwt)
  • Depth of body: 380mm (15″)
  • Width of body: 860mm (34″)
  • Length of body: 1244mm (49″)
  • Overall width: 955mm (38″)
  • Wheel size: Wide profile 20/10 x 8 pneumatic wheels with bearings
  • Tipping mechanism: Positive spring bolt action