SCH Artifical Surface Power Brush

Product Ref: ASPB

The Artificial Surface Power Brush is a compact walk behind sweeper suitable for year round use.

Highly manoeuvrable, the sweeper provides quick and effective cleaning wherever it’s needed. The brush carrier can be angled to the left or right to sweep debris off to the side.

The brush unit is ideal for cleaning snow from walkways or areas where large machines cannot be used. The brush speed and quantity of nylon threads makes this machine ideal for artificial and hard surface play areas such as tennis courts.

The brush is supplied complete with a collection box.

£1,128.00 (inc VAT)

Technical Data
  • Engine                             Briggs & Stratton 212cc
  • Transmission                1 forward, 1 reverse
  • Sweeping width             70cm (27.5″)
  • Brush Diameter             35cm (14″)
  • Wheel size                      4.10 x 4
  • Starter                              Recoil
  • Weight                             68kg