SCH 900 Litre (132 Gallon)
4 wheel towed water unit c/w petrol pump

Product Reference: EEC P
The water is transported in a plastic tank with a metal protective cage. The pump is mounted separately on the front of the unit. The petrol version has an optional extra of being adapted to fill the tank from an external source i.e.: ponds etc.

£1,950.00 (inc VAT)

Technical Data


  • Capacity: 900 Ltrs (200 Gallons)
  • Pumps: Petrol 1″ centrifugal pump,
  • Flow rate: 150 Ltrs (33 gallons) per minute
  • Hose: 6m (20′) 3/4″  heavy duty hose
  • Chassis: Double axle flatebed trolley, wheels, pneumatic, wide profile, 5.00 – 8
  • Length: 2500mm including tow bar
  • Height: 1600mm
  • Width: 1430mm
  • Weight empty: approx 190kg
  • clevis hitch as standard, optional 50mm ball hitch available