SCH 600 Litre (132 Gallon)
4 wheel towed water unit c/w petrol pump

Product Reference WC P

Suitable for tractors of 24Hp and above (including ATVs)

The caged tank is secured to a flatbed trolley with the pump unit mounted separately on the front of the unit.

When the unit is not required for watering the tank can be removed to give a useful 4 wheel trolley.

£1,579.20 (inc VAT)

Technical Data


  • Capacity: 600 Ltrs (132 Gallons)
  • Pumps: 1″ centrifugal pump
  • Flow rate: 150Ltrs (33 gallons) per minute adjustable
  • Hose: 6m (20′) heavy duty hose
  • Wheels: 5.00 – 8
  • Length: 2220mm including tow bar
  • Height: 1360mm
  • Width: 1200mm