SCH PSUFT Proffesional Suction Unit

This version of the PSU is supplied on a two wheel chassis having suspension units and requiried lighting.

The hand held suction nozzle is fitted to three meters of 200mm diameter hose.

The discharge is via a metal tube with a swivel base to allow the direction to be altered.

The discharge head is also adjustable.

A jockey wheel and 50mm ball hitch is fitted as standard.

The fan belt is driven and not fitted directly onto the crankshaft of the engine.

£3,528.00 inc VAT

  • Proven system that works.
  • Handles rock salt, even when wet.
  • Can be towed by any suitable vehicle.
  • Low filling height.
  • Easy to adjust and operate.
Technical Data

Hopper Capacity:  270 / 335 rock salt lts / kg

Length: 2310mm

Width: 1290mm

Height: 1080mm

Unladen:  239kg