Logic Power Driven Salt Spreader PDS345RB

The PDS range of salt spreaders has the same technology as the GDS machines, only these are fitted with a small petrol engine which drives the conveyor, agitator, spreading mechanism and disc. Options include a de-mount model (right) and a towed model (above) which features suspension, overrun brakes and full lighting equipment, allowing it to be towed between sites at normal road speeds. Once the engine is running and the engine speed is set, the spreading mechanism can be switched on and off using a wired remote control box which allows mounting in the cab of the towing/host vehicle.

The PDS has application rates of between 5-80 grams/square metre and can spread salt from 3.0-14.0 metres which is variable through adjusting the engine rpm and drive pulley option from the two available. The unit can spread salt to the left or right allowing it to spread underneath parked cars. Optional PDS211 disc shroud available to reduce spread with to approximately 1.5 metres

  • Proven system that works.
  • Handles rock salt, even when wet.
  • In-cab electric controls.
  • Allows normal road speeds to be achieved.
  • Can be towed by or mounted onto any suitable vehicle.
  • Low filling height.
  • Easy to adjust and operate
Technical Data

Hopper Capacity:  585 / 750 rock salt lts / kg

Length: 3120mm

Width: 1600mm

Height: 1270mm

Unladen:  386kg