What does this do?

Like the Logic rotary mower, the ATV flail mower range is ideal for maintaining the optimum height of grass in paddocks to suit your requirements. Regular topping of paddocks during the growing season will provide good grazing during the summer months as well as protection for the paddock surface during the winter. Topping also helps stop any weeds developing.

The flail mower really comes into its own when there are further requirements such as mowing on uneven ground eg.verges and banks or mowing on rough ground eg. woodland paths/rides (the Forestry Commission being one of our many customers).

In general terms you should consider a flail mower if you require the versatility for different cutting conditions, whereas a rotary mower may be the preferred choice if you only have areas of easier cutting.


Why do I need one?

Grass grows quickly given the right conditions but if it gets too lush there could be a risk of laminitis in some horses or ponies. On a purely practical level, keeping the grass to the recommended length provides good grazing for your horse and also makes the removal of droppings much easier. It’s definitely a case of ‘little and often’ and paddock topping and muck removal go hand in hand when it comes to good paddock management.

Where do I use it?

Paddocks or any grassed area. Ideal for general “tidying up” of any rough ground.

How does it work?

The MFP has its own on-board engine which drives a substantial shaft running across the width of the machine. Attached to this shaft are lugs which accept the flails (forged, sharpened blades on shackles). The flails roatate at over 3000rpm making short work of any soft vegetation that gets in their path (even small bushes!). The cut grass is made airborne by the rotation of the shaft, ensuring it is evenly distributed along the width of the cut. It is then deposited onto the ground to form an even layer.

If a flail hits an object such as a tree stump or rock the flails deflect off the object on impact whilst the anti-scalping roller immediately rolls over the object lifting the mower over it, minimising the potential for damage.The flails are very robust and can stand up to a surprising amount. However, they should be regularly checked to ensure they are sharp, undamaged and working efficiently. Damaged or missing flails should be replaced as soon as possible to keep the shaft in balance.

Technical Data

Standard Features

  • Ideal for all topping requirements, including rough, uneven ground
  • 1.2m and 1.5m cutting widths available
  • 16hp Briggs & Stratton ‘V’ twin engine
  • Emergency engine ‘kill-switch’
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Quick off-set draw bar
  • Anti-scalping roller
  • Wheels alongside for easy towing/balance
  • Wheels behind variant available: allows closer cutting to walls/fences. (NB This option significantly increases weight on draw bar so please ensure towing vehicle is suitable).
  • Trail behind any suitable vehicle


  • Electric start