Baroness TDA1600 Sportsground aerator

The Baroness TDA1600 Sportsground aerator is another quality machine from the Kyoeisha Co. of Japan which combines sturdiness, efficiency and simplicity to give you absolutely the best possible finish on your sports pitches and playing fields.#

Designed to work down to a depth of 180 mm, the TDA operates at up to 2.05 km/h and has two crankshaft operating speeds and a wide variety of tine options.

The TDA1600 aerator comes complete with a rear roller as standard as well as a wide variety of tines and finger plates.

Aerate up to 3120 sq. m. per hour

Technical Data


  • Model: TDA1600
  • Drive:17.6kW(24 PS) Tractor (min), PTO 1000 rpm (max)
  • Max Speed: 0.66 to 2.05 km/h