Baroness LM2400 Lightweight Fairway Mower

  • Low centre of gravity
  • The finest reel and bedknife in the industry
  • Light weight (1300kg)
  • Outstanding cutting power
  • Low ground pressure/high traction
  • Four-wheel drive

Safe…And kind to the turf

Low centre of gravity minimises weight transfer on sloping terrain and optimises traction capability Utilising the Baroness cross technology hydrostatic drive system, the LM2400 combines the turning abilities of a parallel circuit design with the climbing capabilities of a series circuit.

Optimum cutting performance

With the shortest possible distance between the rear cutting units and the front units there is no uneven cutting when turning and no loss of overlap on sloping terrain

Optimum Quality of Cut

Optimum weight distribution, low weight, maximum overlap and minimum distance between cutting units – all elements that combine with our finest cutting cylinder and bedknife technology to produce an outstanding cutting finish in the toughest of conditions.

Technical Data

Specification BARONESS LM2400

  • Total Length 303cm
  • Working width 318cm
  • Transport width 226cm
  • Height 135cm (to steering wheel)
  • Weight 1300 kg
  • Minimum turning radius 290cm
  • Engine Kubota D1105-T (Diesel turbo) 4 – cycle liquid cooled, 3 cylinder diesel engine 1.123 litre displacement
  • Maximum output 24.5 kW (33.3PS) @ 3000 rpm*
  • Fuel tank capacity 38 litres
  • Speed – forwards reverse 0 – 16 km/h 0 – 8.0 km/h
  • Drive system Hydrostatic full time 4-wheel drive
  • Cutting width 277cm Cutting height 10 – 60 mm
  • Cutting cylinder diameter 163mm
  • Cutting cylinder – no. of blades 9
  • Work rate 22160 m²/h
  • Slope rating 15 degrees maximum
  • Tyre size – front 26.5 x 14.00 – 12
  • Tyre size – rear 20 x 10.00 – 10