Baroness Commercial Mower LM315

Building on tried and tested technology, the Baroness LM315 Greensmower gives you all the advantages of a hybrid drive mower, with the reliability of mechanical drive to the cutting units, a choice of reel speeds and the best cutting units in the business, with the added benefit of a reliable Kubota diesel engine.


The Heart of Baroness

At the heart of every Baroness reelmower is the cutting cylinder and bedknife. No-one takes more care than Baroness! Every cutting cylinder is individually balanced before being installed and our heat treatment process ensures that the cutting edges of both our cutting cylinders and bedknives stay sharp and true.

Hi-lift feature

The Baroness LM315 has been designed to get you to every corner of the golf course. It’s equally at home on tees, approaches or greens Moving around the golf course you need to know that the cutting units will stay clear of any obstructions as you travel. That’s why we designed in a hi-lift feature to ensure maximum protection for the cutting units during transport.

Maximum comfort

As well as optimising the LM315 for diesel engine power we took the time to make sure that operator comfort was fully addressed too. An adjustable steering column and seat, together with comfort seat options makes the Baroness LM315 a joy to work on.

The Cutting Unit – the heart of Baroness

The heart of all Baroness reelmowers! Our cutting units deliver unrivalled quality of cut and contour following ability. Available in 7, 9 or 11-blade reel options, with bedknife options from 1.5mm to 5mm thickness, we can offer cutting units for all greens, tees and approach mowing needs. Cable drive to the cutting units eliminates potential hydraulic oil leaks where they occur most.

Technical Data
  • Model: LM315GC
  • Drive:Hydrostatic 2 wheel drive/3 wheel drive (option)
  • Fuel Capacity: 20 litres
  • Brakes: Hydrostatic dynamic braking with mechanical parking brake
  • Steering: Hydraulically power assisted
  • Cutting Width: 152 cm
  • Clip: High: 246 @ 5 km/h Low: 160 @ 5 km/h
  • Height of Cut Range: 2 – 29mm
  • Engine: Kubota D722 3 cylinder diesel, 21PS @ 3000 rpm
  • Max Speed: Transport: 15 km/h max Cutting: 6 km/h
  • Mower Weight: 680kg (including 3 wheel drive and ROPS, all fluids)