Baroness Commercial Mower LM285

The Baroness fairway/rough mower is fitted with 4-wheel drive for the best traction on undulating terrain.

Up to 40% lighter than similar mowers in its class, the LM285 combines light weight with high traction and wide wheelbase at the rear to make it one of the most stable mowers around.

Simplicity was a major design focus in the development stage and our engineers have created a sturdy but light weight machine with exceptional power to weight ratio.


Baroness introduces the LM 285 5-Gang Rough & Fairway Mower. The LM 285 is powered by a Diesel Turbo Kubota D1105 accompanied by the strongest, highest quality reels and bedknives in the industry.

Precision Cutting

Baroness uses the same steel and processing steps to harden all of their reels. The bedknives that Baroness offers for this mower each come with a carbide insert in the front edge offering the end user a reel that has a longer life span than any in the industry.

Cutting Unit Options Customers
have a choice of a grooved front roller or caster wheels on the front of the cutting unit. The reels come in 5, 7 or a 9 blade, allowing you to match the mower to your individual turf conditions.

Safety Features

The seat switch feature will shut off the engine when the brake is not applied or when the reels are engaged and the operator leaves the seated position. To prevent injury to the mechanic, a pump sensor also turns off the engine, when someone attempts to use the machine while the park brake is engaged.

LM 285 Design Features

Simplicity was a major focus point when Baroness designed the LM 285. Our engineers created a light weight, sturdy mower with exceptional power to weight ratio. By reducing the weight we could reduce the horsepower requirements allowing for better fuel consumption. With its light weight and maneuverability the LM 285 enables the operator to cut at an unmatched pace while leaving the rough stress-free. The Kubota Diesel Turbo engine is hidden under a Gull wing design cover allowing for easy access to the engine making daily and scheduled maintenance routine.


The LM 285 is equipped with the ability to lift either outer arm independently, allowing this mower access to narrow areas which would normally be inaccessible to rival mowers of this size. With the twin traction drive pump setup, the LM 285 has strong climbing ability and unmatched balance and stability on hills.

Technical Data
  • Model: LM285
  • Drive:Hydrostatic, 4WD
  • Cutting Width: 2815 mm (5-unit)
  • Height of Cut Range: 10mm to 60mm
  • Engine: Kubota D1105 turbo diesel 24.5kW (33hp)
  • Max Speed: 14.4 km/h
  • Mower Weight: 1226 kg units raised (902 kg units lowered)